Young Leaders SEEDS™ Program

“The Young Leaders SEEDS™ is a program designed to empower our youth to know that they are leaders of their own lives. They learn how to be responsible and powerful individuals who can live their best life with integrity, and stay committed in creating their dreams by learning from their mistakes and making the most of every moment.”

~ Rain

It’s Time to Give Our Young Leaders What Truly Matters

Very often, youth from high school (secondary school) are not equipped with enough life skills to transit into our society effectively.  Our program aims to empower youth with tools and knowledge that’ll set them up for success in life.

 4 Inner Pillars


This program is designed for them to become independent, self-sufficient Young Leaders who’ll honour themselves unconditionally.  They’ll learn to take care of their…

  • Mental wellbeing. Access to their creativity and nurture their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Physical wellbeing. Understand the importance of taking care of their physical bodies, so that they can embrace this world with energy and vitality.
  • Emotional wellbeing. Learn to express emotions in healthy and safe ways.
  • Spiritual wellbeing. Cultivate mindfulness and access their intuition at will.

4 External Pillars

  • Financial:  We have noticed that very often when our youth have completed high (secondary) school, they are not equipped to deal with their finances. The program shares fundamental principles that they can apply to begin learning how to manage their finances and to create wealth from a young age.
  • Social: Social skills are about being able to communicate powerfully, expressing themselves authentically and having their voice being heard.  They will learn how to communicate effectively and get their message across.
  • Professional: This pillar is about supporting them in finding their passion and nourishing their unique gifts, talents and strength.
  • Ecological: Lastly, it is about creating healthy boundaries and space for themselves. In addition, learning about their connection and the importance of contributing to their environment (including community) as a whole.

Experience the Difference

Our Young Leaders will gain tremendous self-esteem and confidence by:
(I) Discovering the limiting beliefs that are holding them back
(II) Removing and letting go of any disempowering beliefs
(III) Replacing with empowering beliefs that will create an unstoppable in life.


Engage in challenging yet fulfilling activities that promise an unforgettable learning adventure.

Create Permanent

Get to the root and let go permanently of what’s actually holding them back.

Cultivate Relentless

Nurture the mindset to focus on what’s possible from the place of power and love.

Connect with

Trust their inner voice and intuition to do what’s best for themselves.

Live A Life
of Meaning

Discover their passion and purpose to be impact-driven leaders who bring their dreams into reality.

Participate 100%
in Life

Remove the fear of mistakes and failure to make the most out of every moments in life.

After Program Support Structures to Guarantee Results

To create lasting and permanent change, we have end-to-end support structures in place. They’ll have the chance to…

  • Be connected at get-together events and with communities who want these Young Leaders to thrive and succeed in life
  • Stay on top of their game with live video calls.
  • Join our SEEDS Young Leaders Social Media Group to celebrate successes and embark on a lifelong learning journey together.

Program Details

The SEEDS Programs for 2023 have concluded.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming SEEDS Young Leaders program, please provide us with your name and contact information using the form. Additionally, please specify your preferred venue, whether it’s Toronto, Canada, or KL, Malaysia.

Once we have finalized the date, we will notify you accordingly. Thank you for your interest!

About the Founder

Rev. Dr. Rain (Annie) Lim

Reverend Dr. Rain (Annie Lim) is a serial entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, speaker, coach, and intuitive healer. With a unique blend of entrepreneurship and spirituality, Rain has inspired thousands of individuals from across the globe on how to live a more soulful and purposeful life by stepping into their fullest expression. Rain created SEEDS Leadership and the Facilitator Development Program, Internationally-acclaimed transformational programs designed to overcome adversity by breaking free from limiting beliefs and shining a spotlight on our authentic selves to thrive as leaders. An internationally sought-after speaker, she has shared the stage with Arianna Huffington, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, HRH Queen of Ghana, Dr. Shirin Ebadi – Nobel Peace Prize winner, Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir, Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury (Former UN Under- Secretary-General and High-Representative to the UN), Hazel Henderson and many more.