“At HeartWisdom Integral Coaching, I guide you through a journey that goes beyond traditional coaching. It’s about weaving through the ‘threads’ of your clients’ unique story, not just with questions, but with deep, empathetic connection. You’ll explore their thoughts, emotions, and deeper consciousness, uncovering hidden patterns and truths. HeartWisdom Integral Coaching is a transformative journey of self-discovery, integrating every facet of their being for a holistic transformation that resonates deeply with who they truly are.”

“At HeartWisdom Integral Coaching, I guide you through a journey that goes beyond traditional coaching. It’s about weaving through the ‘threads’ of your clients’ unique story, not just with questions, but with deep, empathetic connection. You’ll explore their thoughts, emotions, and deeper consciousness, uncovering hidden patterns and truths. HeartWisdom Integral Coaching is a transformative journey of self-discovery, integrating every facet of their being for a holistic transformation that resonates deeply with who they truly are.”


How is the HeartWisdom Integral Coaching Program Different From Others?

Envision a coaching paradigm that transcends traditional boundaries, inviting you into a realm of deeper understanding and connection with the self. Where conventional coaching methodologies focus primarily on the conscious and visible aspects of life, HeartWisdom Integral Coaching dares to dive deeper, exploring the rich, often untapped currents beneath.

HeartWisdom Integral Coaching is more than a practice — it’s a TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY that honors the COMPLETE SPECTRUM of human experience. This approach is not about fixing what’s perceived as broken. Instead, it’s about recognizing and unlocking the extraordinary potential inherent in every individual. As a HeartWisdom Integral Coach, you’ll learn to see beyond surface challenges, identifying and nurturing the unlimited resourcefulness that lies within each client.

This innovative coaching style is a fusion of profound dialogue and intuitive understanding, delving into the subconscious patterns that shape thoughts, emotions, and actions. It’s a path of discovery, leading both coach and client to the wealth of wisdom that resides within. As a coach in training, you’ll learn to facilitate not just goal achievement, but a HOLISTIC EXPANSION of CONSCIOUSNESS, guiding your clients through a journey of personal metamorphosis.

In each session, you’ll engage in a UNIQUE, CO-CREATIVE PROCESS, valuing every insight and story as a vital piece of the puzzle in personal growth. HeartWisdom Integral Coaching is a CELEBRATION of the WHOLE PERSON, integrating every aspect of experience into a journey of development and self-realization.

By joining the HeartWisdom Integral Coaching program, you’re not just embarking on a career path. You’re stepping into a role of profound influence and responsibility, equipped to guide others through transformational change. You’ll become a STEWARD OF POTENTIAL, a facilitator of peak experiences, and a catalyst for enlightenment and growth.

This program is an invitation to those who aspire to make a significant impact in the world of coaching. Here, every step is an exploration into the depths of human potential and the art of facilitating lasting change. Join us in the HeartWisdom Integral Coaching program and become part of a movement that REDEFINES COACHING, embracing the full tapestry of human experience and potential.

InsightGuide ™

HeartWisdom Integral Coaching distinguishes itself through a holistic approach that centres around the metaphor of the ‘THREAD‘ in every conversation.  This technique is called InsightGuide™.

Unlike conventional coaching methodologies that often rely on a multitude of questions to identify problems, HeartWisdom coaches are adept at artfully following the ‘THREAD‘ of dialogue.  It is not about asking the right questions; it’s about HOLISTICALLY engaging with the client’s narrative.

In this approach, coaches skillfully identify and gently pull on the subtle ‘threads’ of thought, emotion, and deeper consciousness that interweave throughout each conversation. This method allows clients to unravel and explore the full spectrum of their stories, revealing hidden patterns and deeper truths. By meticulously following these ‘THREADS‘, clients are guided not just to simple answers but toward a profound journey of self-discovery, leading to insightful revelations and transformative growth.

HeartWisdom Integral Coaching embodies a delicate,  insightful exploration and engagement with the entirety of a person’s experience. Each coaching session evolves into a rich tapestry that integrates the mental, emotional, and often overlooked aspects of personal understanding and development, ensuring a truly HOLISTIC transformational journey.


Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with the HeartWisdom Coaching Program. This immersive 6-month experience is designed to awaken your inner coach, equip you with transformative tools, and guide you toward becoming a certified HeartWisdom Coach.

Introduction to Coaching

  • Embrace the art of coaching, a practice distinct from consulting, mentoring, or therapy.
  • Explore the HeartWisdom Coaching Methodology, diving into the realms of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Coaching Principles

  • Awaken to the fundamental truth that clients possess immense power within.
  • Honor the uniqueness of each client’s journey and progress.
  • Transition from rescuer to empowerer, guiding clients toward self-discovery and action.
  • Cultivate a powerful coaching presence.
  • Trust your intuition, allowing the wisdom of the moment to guide your coaching sessions.
  • Embody awareness of your own emotions, thoughts, and physical presence.
  • Forge a deep connection with your authentic self and practice grounding rituals that anchor your coaching journey.

Coaching Techniques

  • Harness the transformative power of active listening, holding a space free from judgment and preconceptions.
  • Craft quality questions that unveil the profound depths of your clients’ inner wisdom.
  • Follow the exquisite threads of thoughts and intuition, leading to transformative insights.
  • Liberate clients from disempowering beliefs, guiding them toward self-realization.
  • Empower clients to integrate emotions, unlocking their full potential.

Creating Your Coaching Niche

  • Discover Your Unique Coaching Path: Unearth your distinct coaching style, values, and passions.
  • Identify Your Ideal Clients: Define your target audience and understand their specific needs and challenges.
  • Craft Your Unique Offering: Tailor your coaching services to address the precise pain points of your chosen niche.
  • Market with Precision: Learn how to effectively communicate your niche and value proposition to attract your ideal clients.

Getting New Clients

  • Develop strategies for attracting kindred spirits and prospective clients, leveraging prospecting and referrals.
  • Transform prospects into committed clients, unveiling the transformative power of coaching.
  • Master the delicate dance of effective follow-up to secure coaching agreements that resonate with clients’ aspirations.

Ethics in Coaching

  • Craft sacred boundaries that nurture trust and respect in coaching relationships.
  • Navigate the delicate terrain of coaching friends and family, setting ethical boundaries.
  • Tackle ethical dilemmas related to finances, intimacy, and interpersonal dynamics.
  • Confront moral challenges while upholding the sanctity of confidentiality.
  • Know when to release clients whose journeys veer into abusive territories, prioritizing their safety.

Organizational Coaching

  • Navigate the intricate labyrinth of organizational coaching, understanding stakeholder alignment and the dynamics of group versus individual coaching.
  • Unearth the true client within organizations, illuminating pathways to profound change.
  • Master the art of crafting proposals, contracts, and pricing structures that align with your client’s unique needs.

Case Studies

  • Immerse yourself in real-life coaching scenarios, extracting invaluable wisdom from each case study.
  • Absorb powerful lessons from navigating guilt, procrastination, and the art of staying emotionally detached.
  • Uncover the hidden treasures of effective coaching techniques through the analysis of real-world scenarios.

Practical Approach

  • Begin the Journey with Clients: Step boldly into the realm of real client interactions, gaining practical experience that catalyzes transformation.
  • Embrace the Power of Partnership: Forge deep connections through the buddy system, where mutual support fuels your growth.
  • Elevate Your Mastery: Engage in weekly mastermind group coaching practices, refining your skills and expanding your impact.
  • Commit to Growth: Complete 10-12 assignments every month, some designed in advance and others in real-time during weekend sessions.


Program Details

  • Expected Program Investment Hours: 250-300 hours
  • Program Duration: 6 months
  • Weekly Sessions: Wednesdays
    (Please refer to the schedule below)
  • Monthly Weekend Intensive: Saturdays
    (Please refer to the schedule below)
  • Case Studies: 2 hours of oral and 2 written case studies

Certification Requirements

  • 100 Hours: Achieve a total of 100 coaching hours during the program.
  • Client Breakdown: Accumulate a minimum of 70% of coaching hours from paid clients, while dedicating up to 30% to pro-bono work.
  • Oral Tests: Successfully navigate two oral tests, one with an assigned client and one with a pre-recorded coaching call.
  • Embark on your path to transformation and certification as a HeartWisdom Coach. Contact us to explore this life-changing journey and enroll in the HeartWisdom Coaching Program today.

Wednesday Sessions (2024)
8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Feb 28
Mar 6, 13, 20, 27
Apr 3, 10, 17, 24
May 8, 15, 22, 29
June 5, 12, 19, 26
July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
August 7, 14

Saturday Sessions (2024)
8:00 am – 12:00 pm (GMT+8)
Feb 24
Mar 23
Apr 20
May 18
June 22
July 20
August 17


Pilot Program Pricing: RM 24,800 + SST

6 and 12 months payments available, please inquire.

This special pilot price includes:

  • 1 Free Seat at Seeds Leadership Program
    (You are required to occupy the seat as a participant. It is NOT transferable.)
  • 2 Free Seats at Money Seeds Program
    (You are required to occupy one of the two seats as a participant. You may either gift or sell the other seat.)

As this is an inaugural offering of our program, we are extending a special, reduced fee as a gesture of appreciation for your confidence in our work.

Attention: SEEDS Graduates, please refer to Telegram group for your price.

Embark on a transformative coaching journey with the HeartWisdom Integral Coaching Program. This 6-month course is designed to deepen your understanding of human consciousness and empower you with skills to facilitate significant life changes, focusing on the holistic integration of mind, body, emotional and spiritual well-being.

“Embrace your power and potential by joining our HeartWisdom Integral Coaching Program. Enroll as a coach with us, and harness these qualities to not only elevate your own journey but also to empower others to navigate their paths with confidence and clarity. Take this step towards transforming lives, including your own, and become a beacon of change and growth.”

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