Anyone serious about personal growth and desiring lasting change. You’re a born leader (but you may or may not know it yet). People who are inspired by people who want more and are focused on making a difference. Oprah’s latest speech or podcast fuels you and you may be motivated by the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Simon Sinek or Danielle Laporte. (Not a requirement to know who these folks are though!)

Comfortable clothing and shoes. Possibly a light jacket / sweatshirt / sweater if you have an aversion to cold and running shoes if you want to be super comfy.  Without giving away too much, there are activities that will require you to be active. Don’t be scared.

Yes. Please let us know what your disability or injury is and we will be sure to accommodate you.

No. However, there are great rates available for Edward Village Hotel available online. You can also contact the hotel directly and mention SEEDS for a special rate. If you need a roommate, please post this requirement in our Facebook Community group.

Not during the program. However, a graduation dinner will be provided on the last day. There are a number of restaurants nearby the hotel.

Bring yourself – 100% of you.

No. However, the natural high you get after taking the program is enough to make people think you’ve joined an elite group of over-achievers who drink a special kind of Kool-Aid.

If you can no longer attend the program due to unforeseen circumstances, you have a full year to attend the next available program. Alternatively, it is possible to  transfer the ticket to someone else for an administration fee of $50.

Drop us a line here.

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