Harness Your Inner Leader.

The SEEDS LeadershipTM program is a game changer for change makers.

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Do you start off the year pumped with new or recycled goals only to realize you’re well into the year and pressing reset? Deep inside, do you feel stuck, crave more, or want to make more of an impact with your life?

It’s time to get to the root of it all and discover what’s holding you back.

If you’re running a self-help marathon but not seeing lasting changes, maybe it’s the runner and not the shoes. Time to (seriously) reach your true potential.

Join a tribe of change makers who are as committed to their growth as they are to changing the world.


Seeds are the beliefs that you plant in your mind throughout your life.

SEEDS Leadership is no ordinary leadership program. We believe that leaders are born. And everything you need, lies within you.

This breakthrough program is serious about unleashing your greatness. Unlock your subconscious mind and come from your heart to break free of limiting beliefs or patterns to open a world of limitless possibilities.

Ready. Set. Grow.

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The SEEDS Leadership Program

The SEEDS Leadership Program – Vancouver (September) – PROMO

Welcome to SEEDS (Vancouver) September 2018

The SEEDS Leadership Program – Vancouver (September)

Upcoming Events

Welcome to SEEDS (KL) November 2018

Welcome to SEEDS (Toronto) September 2018

Seeds Leadership


The SEEDS Leadership Program – Toronto (September)

Kuala Lumpur (Nov 2018)

The SEEDS Leadership Program – Kuala Lumpur (Nov)

The SEEDS Leadership 2-hr Workshop (Kuala Lumpur)


2-hr FREE Workshop

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The SEEDS Leadership 2-hr Workshop

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Sources of Light


Stay on track and inspired with ongoing mastermind sessions to nurture your dreams and provide support.


Enjoy expert coaching sessions to help you establish goals and take action towards achieving your dreams.


Find your tribe – network and learn from a family of like-minded change makers, entrepreneurs and leaders.


Relive the magic by taking the program as many times as you want, wherever it’s offered in the world.


Expand your mind and heart with access to tools to support your continuous growth.


Experience breakthroughs and gain valuable insights not taught in schools (but probably should be).

Featured SEEDS Leaders

Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia


"Different from what I’d expect from a leadership program… but by far, the best!"

Rev. Jennifer Payeur

Rev. Jennifer Payeur

Spiritual Teacher

"Since completing Seeds, my life has been shining brightly and things unfold with such ease and grace. I left the course with a renewed sense of self, more self-love and incredible clarity for the purpose of my life. Powerful and healing on every level!"

Arthur Richard Tutt

Arthur Richard Tutt

Business Owner

"I found clarity on my mission and purpose in life of what I want to do. It was something that was scattered, and now I see the vision and I am just going to move toward it."

Allison Kerr

Allison Kerr


"Phenomenal. It was exciting. I made a lot of friends. And I learned a lot about myself.”

Juliette Louie

Juliette Louie

Miss Hong Kong 2017

“I feel so much lighter as a person. I feel that I’m worthy. That’s something that I didn’t know I was struggling with, but now I do.”

Pardeep Sandhu

Pardeep Sandhu

Sales Executive

"SEEDS is like a rebirth where one gets to Grow, Develop and Become their true authentic selves and I look forward to continue growing by supporting others on their journey!"

Caroline LeBel

Caroline LeBel

Business Owner

"I was able to identify a lot of my behaviour and patterns that have been holding me back from having that authentic, mindful life. I am now incorporate SEEDS principles into my daily practices."

Justin Cookman

Justin Cookman

Business Owner

"I often lived in self-doubt and I have managed to overcome that this weekend. I am moving forward and moving on."

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– Buckminster Fuller